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Hi! I'm Stacy. I spent years in the food service industry as a waitress and restaurant manager while I went to college on the "extended year plan".

One thing that most waiters and waitresses know is that, while waiters and waitresses tend to be more generous tippers than the public at large (because they understand how hard it is to make ends meet while living on tips), they can also be the harshest critics. One night while dining with my husband, he finally had enough of my critiques and challenged me to write a book outlining the do's and don'ts of waiting tables because there appears to be a serious need for it.

A Guide for Waiters and Waitresses to Maximize Tip Revenue

Well, I took him up on the challenge and am pleased to offer you the result. I've distilled years of waitress experience in making top tips into this guide that will help any waiter or waitress make better tips. My reward for giving this away will be realized when I enjoy a meal with your excellent service!

The Guide for Waiters and Waitresses to Maximize Tip Revenue is freely available to read on this site, but I also have it packaged as an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) ebook (suitable for printing a paginated hardcopy) for a nominal fee.